The most exciting thing on Christmas morning is to discover that Santa Claus has been to your house. Now for the first time ever ~ you will be able to have absolute PROOF that Santa did in fact visit your house! Our complete Santa Was Here kits are the most sought after and extensive kits on the World Wide Web. You will not find a better value on Santa Was Here Kits anywhere.

Our Santa Was Here kits come from years of working with families to create special magical memories of Christmas. Santa has worked with the elves to create some of the most extensive Santa proof kits anywhere. Free shipping within the continental United States. 

 Santa Proof or Santa Was Here Kits.


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To insure you receive your kit in time for Christmas 2017 - Please order by Dec. 5, 2017

Reindeer Food

Cloth from Santa's Suit

North Pole Visitor Pass

Bell from Santa's Sleigh

Picture of Santa & Comet

Best "Cookie" Award

Santa's Drivers License

Santa's Glove

Best Decorated Gingerbread Award

You will not be disappointed with your selection of Santa Proof Kit.

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